Our Mission

Delivering end-to-end services for all businesses, to ensure the best outcome.


There are too many advertising companies that offer the same product, but never deliver the same service or quality. Most details are lost in translation or down the pipeline. More often than not, quality is at the cost of efficiency. Visual Advertising Solutions changes that. We ensure from concept to delivery, efficiency and quality will never be compromised.


    Advertising has always been messy. Putting up an ad can cost too much time and effort: first, to even have a concept, find a designer, get an ad space supplier, then rent that ad space, and pay for printing. This costs most businesses sometimes hundreds of hours going back and forth between service providers, only to get subpar results for a subpar ad. VAS removes these wasted hours and makes things easier.


    Visual Advertising Solutions is an end-to-end advertising company that handles everything from conception to activation. With Visual Advertising Solutions, marketing campaigns will be handled by different teams per process, but situated under one umbrella company thus allowing for smooth transitions and little to no assistance from outside agencies.


    Brands under the Visual Advertising Solutions group is separated and solely developed by themselves. VAS do not feed them customers, but rather provide support and supervision over the entire business process, so there is no crossing of specialisations between brands.


    Visual Advertising Solutions offers a business enterprise unlike any other. VAS streamlines all processes, offering end-to-end advertising service , acting as machine that works efficiently without losing information, or money. With VAS, you will have the efficiency of talking to one subcontractor, have one invoice, under one group.


We find the shortest way from point A to B for you.

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Founders Founders

  • Daniel Vinkl CEO, Visual Advertising Solutions
  • Jiri Stephens General Manager
  • Veronica Hausknechtova Human Resources Manager


Daniel Vinkl is well versed in the advertising business. He has experienced the rollercoaster of ups and downs of it all. It is from this extensive experience, that he recognised the ever-growing gap that reduced efficiency from projects at the expense of the client. Instead of a problem, he saw An opportunity to improve the industry made it possible for the foundation of Visual Advertising Solutions.

Visual Advertising Solutions was born out of necessity. Putting up an ad can take so much time, money, and effort; more often than not resulting in completely inadequate mediocre results. By undertaking everything in-house, and with the security of tasks performed under one umbrella company; the marketing campaigns and products are easily executed without the struggles of dealing with middlemen.

Daniel did his research, took in what clients were missing, and took to Sydney to unite all seven companies who all work hand in hand with every project they encounter. In one fluid stroke, a project can easily be done without the need for third-party assistance. By streamlining the entire process, Visual Advertising Solutions delivers a seamless end-to-end service without losing information, quality, or money.

Visual Advertising Solutions offers the efficiency of talking to one person, who answers for everything. Giving you one straightforward invoice for the entire project, all handled by one group.