Established - 2016

The wheel has come a long way since its creation back in 3500 B.C. Now, all fundamentalmethods of transport involve a wheel of some kind, from a horse and cart, to cars. Wheels havenow been seen as more than just circular objects that turn. They have become part of thetransportation, a piece of the car, which is why many car owners take pride in their rims, fromheavy maintenance, to polishing. And now, to powder coating. Wheel Respray are some of theleading specialists in powder coating, as the advantages far exceed those of traditional paint.

Powder Coating:

A sleek, even finish, with no streaking. Powder coating takes over painting any day, with many people turning towards it after seeing the many benefits of powder coating. Cheaper, longer lasting, and more resistant to environmental factors, it’s no wonder powder coating is the more versatile option for painting rims.

Metal Objects:

Rims aren’t the only thing that can be powder coated. Because of its relatively simple methodology, powder coating has become more accessible to many more metal products. If it can withstand 200 degrees, then it can be powder coated. Powder coating gives a better finish to paint, which is why many metal signage’s powder coat their signs, taking advantage of its sleek and clean look, which lasts longer, and fends off weathering a lot better than regular paint


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