Established - 2016

Car wrapping is the new trend in custom car design. Our goal is develop and explore it. Car wrapping is the new way to create an individual look for your car, without having to consider the long term consequences of a much more permanent respray in order to change the colour of the car while stile maintaining its market value. The idea of car wrapping is to be unique, different and extend an expression of your passion for your car. For the team at PROvinyl, the car is not only a means of transport, it's a expression of your personality, and this means your car must be unique like you. Come speak to our team, and experience the freedom to create a car that truly suites you.

Stand Out:

With more than 5 million cars on the roads of New South Wales alone, then there is a high probability you will run into someone with the exact same car. Be different, with custom wraps for your car, it’s easy to be different. Whether you want a matte look, or just want to shake things up with stickers.


It’s every car owners nightmare. You come back to your shiny car, only to find scratches, whether its from a tree branch, or a run-away trolley, or even someone with a sharp set of keys who may not like you. It’s unsightly, ungainly, and even expensive. Prevent this from happening with a special clear protection film for your car. Have hindsight. Not everyone is going to treat your car like a their own child and take care of it. Things happen, so have hindsight and protect your car. You don’t even have to have a full wrap. A more affordable invisible car bra is available. Forget the old, ugly nets that look like grandmas stockings that you used to stick on the front bumper. With invisible car bra, you get the same protection, but without ruining your cars looks. Perfect for highway drivers looking to avoid those unavoidable stone chips, or for urban commuters running to the shops.


Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm