Our Process

We value the process of crafting, creating, realising and producing for your business. From company cards to 10-meter signage; we ensure immaculate and exemplary care and quality with every project.


Before we begin a project, we study the customer, the problem, the opportunities, and the desired outcomes. Extensive and exact research analysis and preparation allows for exact results. This information and analysis serves as the foundation and groundwork, that will build the main concept and direction of your design and development.


The main concept idea will be derived from our research. Whether it’s your company logo or the full office fitout, the idea works as a cornerstone that will help build the visuals, compose the solution to the question and put it in the right direction.


From technical drawings, graphic designs to visuals, these all serve as scaffolding for the success of a project. The creative foundation in preparation of the installation and production process. This includes all submissions of all necessary documentation and accomplish all logistical regulations necessary.


Internal departments receive clear and concise instruction on what needs to be produced, the quantity of the product, and their production timeframes. This can take from one day to several months, so we assure precise management and cooperation from our different divisions.


We deliver your product with skill, efficiency and care. From delivering, installation, training personnel to launching the project into its completion; VAS delivers quality service that goes beyond when we step out the door. Quality control is our priority and project management is as important in the final outcome as it was in the beginning.


At the completion of your project, we deliver to you a comprehensive report of everything that has been achieved, the processes which have been undergone, and an intensive breakdown of each task performed.


At VAS, we believe our job does not end with delivery. After completion, we will continue to engage you, to contact you, to ensure your satisfaction, the life of the product delivered, and to provide maintenance support should the need arise.


At every stage, we believe in communication and customer engagement. Feedback, updates, suggestions, and discussion are all undertaken to comply with your project requests and requirements to exceed customer satisfaction. We will work with you closely to ensure the best possible outcome within the shortest possible timeframe.