Established - 2016

Take advantage of your vehicle’s potential. Vehicles have become more than just a method oftransport. A moving object that can go virtually anywhere, it has become a popular method ofadvertisement. More affordable than a billboard, that goes more places, and, in some cases, canbe a hefty tax write-off. Many small business’ are taking advantage of this, and many businesswant only the best, so that the eyes who see their vehicle don’t stop staring.

Car Signage

We customise and tailor graphics to suit any car, big or small. From fleets, to single cars, todifferent styles. We accommodate for any need that you may have. In doing so, we understandwhat you need, and we deliver, by customising signage on your car in areas where you will get themost visibility, whether its on the back, front, sides, or all around, we can help you ensure that youare seen.

Boat Wraps

Sail to success with the spectacular graphic design of our vinyl boat wraps. It was initially conceived that gel-coating, spray-painting and colour changing a boat was the only option... and they were until the latest innovative technology and design conceptions grew into fruition. Similar to other other vinyl wrap services that include cars, bikes, buses and trains, Custom Graphics have the experienced skill and knowledge to deliver boat wraps too. The best part? Vinyl boat wraps are waterproof which is obviously essential for a boat, unlike original gel-coating and spray-painting that salt water can ultimately devastate. There is no need to transport your vessel back and forth; we will wrap her in vinyl at your own desired premise. We wrapping boats any sizes and shapes and well known as leading boat wrap company in Sydney.


Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm